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Hao Sheng after-sales service upgrade!

Ke Hao''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s predecessor is Europe famous a hundred years of heavy machinery manufacturing enterprises, the company is mainly engaged in the study of hydraulic system, transmission system, such as, more than 100 years to always focus on modern logistics handling equipment, storage and construction machinery and equipment R & D, sales and after-sales maintenance support service industrial company, now the company to better expand the market, the company by virtue of their technical superiority and Anhui Sheng group (a powerful sales and service network and perfect technical service), the powerful combination of both Western and traditional, to build a strong out of the Ke Hao (Shanghai) Co., Ltd..
Ke Hao (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. will always uphold the rigorous production technology in Germany, continue to engage in logistics handling equipment, storage and mechanical equipment technology research and development, production and manufacturing. Ke Hao not only for customers to provide product standards, can also according to customer requirements, design and manufacture of non standard products, dedicated to provide customers with complete logistics solutions.
Ke Hao (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. mainly has five major product line of aerial work platform, station lifting platform, handling, stacking equipment, cleaning equipment. The company in order to better services, meet the needs of the Chinese market, now with many international enterprises Italy phenanthrene Maipu, JLG industries, and France Haulotte etc. established the good relations of cooperation, the product is more abundant, after-sales and more security.
Ke Hao (Shanghai) Industrial Co., Ltd. application of ERP (Enterprise Systems Management), CRM (customer relationship management system), e - commerce SRM (Supplier Relationship Management), PLM (product lifecycle management) and other advanced management platform; for more systematic and efficient service to customers has laid a solid foundation.
Ke Hao (Shanghai) Industrial Co., Ltd. based in China, exported to the world, at present have been exported to Japan, South Korea, Russia, Europe and other countries and regions, multiple, popular customers favor and praise. Excellent quality products have become the standard configuration of supermarkets and factories.
Companies in Suzhou, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hefei, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wuhu, Shaanxi, Chongqing and other places set up branches or offices. And in order to open up the international market, respectively, in Russia, Japan, Korea and other places have also established branches and offices.
The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification. The main products of the five major categories of more than 1500, widely used in various places of modern industry and logistics. Group company has import and export right, products in successive Cologne, Hanover, Chicago, Canton Fair and other international exhibition by customers consistent praise, selling dozens of countries and regions in Europe, Asia, Africa and so on. Companies in order to implement the internationalization strategy, and constantly enhance their core competitiveness. At the same time, in order to develop a broad international market and master the international advanced technology, in Germany, Japan, Korea set up R & D and service center, is committed to the implementation of the company''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s international business strategy.
Group Introduction
Shanghai Wan Sheng (Group) created in 1995, at present by Sino foreign joint venture - Ke Hao (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Shanghai and Anhui storage equipment Co., Ltd., Shanghai good wins Asset Management Co., Ltd., Shanghai Hao Jubilee Industrial Co., Ltd., Shanghai easy E-Commerce Technology Co., Ltd, Wuhu Huasheng packing Material Co., Ltd., Shanghai good Qi Warehousing Service Co., Ltd. seven wholly owned companies; corporate headquarters office in Minhang District, Shanghai, Zhang Mu industrial base, covers an area of 120000 square meters, near the S20 outer ring of high-speed Hongmei Road exit, the geographical environment is superior, the traffic is convenient.
Anhui Sheng group has been committed to provide customers with complete logistics solutions, including workshop, equipment leasing, warehouse planning and design, and sales of related equipment storage such as one station service. Now owns seven brand, the company after 2016, a joint venture registered Ke Hao (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, Anhui Sheng group has become one of China''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s largest storage equipment service.
Anhui Sheng group''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s brand: Wan Sheng warehouse attention in warehousing, supermarket shelves and automatic warehouse market; good wins asset management mainly focus on warehouse, forklift, pallet rental market; Hao Jubilee industry mainly focus on storage shelves, forklift equipment export market; Huasheng packing mainly focus on storage and packaging market; good Qi mainly focus in logistics and transport market; easy mainly focus on the market of electronic business networks; Ke Hao attention in logistics warehousing equipment market. These 6 strong brands to achieve their sales in 2014 more than one million yuan.

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